Thursday, January 9, 2014

Returning to 432, A Personal Journey

This is a post from the blog Our Solaris. To read the rest of the article go to their blog. These are two different tracks on in 440hz and one in 432hz. Thank you to Our Solaris for the videos :)
While listening to this, I suggest to ask yourself the following questions:



    1.    Do you feel a difference between one and the other?
    2.    How do you feel overall when listening to one versus the other?
    3.    Where do you feel the music or in what part of your body when listening to 440 hz and then to 432 hz?

I suggest listening to these tracks back and forth to get the feel of it.

Ok, if you got a feel for what I'm talking about, then you're maybe interested in learning more. So what is this A=432 hz tuning frequency and what is so magical about it? Here's a brief summary about it.
To put it simply, A=432 hz tuned music is the natural earth tuning frequency that is in sync with the human bio-energetic system. The reason why I state this so boldly is because I've come upon this through my own experience, self-realization, and through various sources which will be mentioned later in this post.

For the rest of their experience finish at the blog!

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