Thursday, September 25, 2014

View Quickly Which Ones are Protected

In your options in I tunes. Click on View (for a PC if you cant see it, hit ALT)
Click Show View Options:
Go Under File
Then make sure the "Kind" box is ticked

Close box and look in i tunes and it will show you which "kind" each song is. The ones that say purchased will convert to MP3 using method in the post before, or by right clicking and selecting the "create Mp3 version"
If the song says "protected" it will not convert with the right click. These put on a separate playlist and burn and then re import in MP3
You can take a look at this TUNECLONE for Pc and Mac that will do it with out having to use a CD

AAC Audio Files to MP3 version

Okay so this has been a big deal for some people, because this adds another step in there process of converting their music into 432Hz. Since the R432 software works with MP3 format only (we are working on an update to accept other files) although I dont think AAC files will ever be an option because these songs are protected so that you can only play them in I tunes or apple devices.

So here is some important information: When you import a new CD into your player, make sure that they are going in as MP3! simply select this option before you hit convert.
Now for songs that are already in your I tunes: if when you are right clicking your songs and an option for "create MP3 version" is NOT coming up, here is what you do:

For MAC (which seem to work better with I tunes in this)
In the Left hand corner click:
I tunes
make sure you are under General- you most likely will already be
Import settings
Where it says import using: select the drop down and select Mp3 Encoder hit ok and save.
Then you should be able to go to your AAC files and right click then have the option to "create Mp3 version"
You can Select and highlight more than 1 and do many at a time. It takes 3 sec each song to create Mp3 versions. Then these songs will come up in the R432 software

For a PC:
Select Edit (if you can see Edit or file options hit the ALT button)
Then preferences at the bottom
Go under General- most likely will already be here
Import settings
import using: select MP3 encoder
Click ok to save

Back in your library: right click a song and the "create Mp3 version" should come up.

convert them and then they will show up in the R432 software if it says it still cant convert them- you can either burn them into a CD and then re import them with Mp3 box checked!
Use this site:

Directions from Apple: