Saturday, October 10, 2015

Updates and Verison 3

Let us first say thank you to all the thoughtful and appreciative e mails that have been written in. The world of software is picky and we are constantly trying to improve the R432 software to help make lives easier in this world of 432Hz.  Our version 3 is what we have been working on for 9 months now. This version is our updated version from our Version 2- which works amazingly, but we wanted to add some updates and features, that you as customers said would be nice to have!

It has been a long and tedious journey with a lot of time and money put in, but we think it is worth it! After our initial tests we launched into a beta testing and soft launch for our version 3. If you currently have version 3, you should have received an e mail.

We have gotten a lot of feed back and we thank you for your patience in helping and working with us get all the wrinkles out! With this in mind we now know what else we need to do to make the Version 3 perfect and we will work on those updates and then send out new links when it is all completed.

We would recommend at this point to UN install the version 3 if you have it, and then e mail in to us and ask for a Version 2 link. Those should have received an e mail already, but if not e mail:

Then when we have Version 3 perfected we will send out links to all our customers and they can choose to update if they wish.

Thank you for all of your support