Friday, April 4, 2014

432 and the Divine Feminine

Since 432Hz is all about Creation and Females are generally connected to creation and have a big role in that, I have dedicated this post to the Divine Feminine and Heavenly Mother.

Here is a paper put together about the roles and priesthoods that women have had since the beginning of time. Woman have always had an important place in everything God does. We need to learn about it, understand it and return to it, I hope that some of these things in here help in that endeavor.

In the not too distant future the balance of male and female energy will again be present on the earth. It must be so if there is to be order and peace, knowledge and wisdom, power and love. Before the millennium all things must be restored and in a balance. Both need to be present and in unity to fulfill divine purposes. We must return to the balance that we all came from and know. That balance is not present in our current day, nor has it been in the history of the world, except in certain times, and in those times the cities were taken from the earth.  In order to come into this balance we need to first know what priesthood is and the difference in roles and responsibilities for both the male and female so that we can fulfill them together, with one heart and one mind.

The below (The Matriarchal Order...) it will pull up the paper from Google docs and you can read it from there!