Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Everyone Has Their Own Song Of Creation

I love this song, everyone is so unique yet we are all trying to come together as one. Creation involves movement, words and music. We each have our unique way we create as Gods and Goddesses, our own song, scent, color,  in the way we create things. But we work together as a whole family, it is the most beautiful thing, may we each find our song!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Three German students surprise a homeless guy

This is so true, we are all so stuck in our own worlds and cut off from everyone, this anti social behavior that is linked to 440Hz music needs to change. The next generation is going to be worse and worse always stuck on their phones and headphones. It generates selfishness and its sad, I see it worse in the younger generation than when I grew up. How much worse is the next going to be?

Help reverse it and return to how it should be! Write someone a handwritten note today, teach your kids to do something for someone else and notice the environment around them :)

The season of giving doesn't need to just be a season, buy Christmas for someone else, notice some one elses pain and teach the next generation! We all need to rid ourselves of this plague of selfishness, this is a great start, watch the video below.....