Friday, January 24, 2014

One Reason Why 440hz Is Negative for Us

440hz and Anti-Social Behavior
By Yvonne Bent

Anyone who has ever been a participant in a symphony, whether listening or playing an instrument in one, knows how critical it is for the entire body of musicians to work in concert with one another, each doing his own specific part.
When there is a member of the orchestra that is out of tune or step, it bothers every single player in the group.  The more fine tuned the ear and capacities of the musician, the worse the effect upon them, for the intent is that they are all in synch and in harmony one with another. All the other instruments will attempt to work around the un-tuned player, striving to adjust and entice the player to the correct rhythm and pitch as the rest of the body. It is no wonder that the tuning of 440 causes the body to take on the same type of characteristics as the orchestra performers. 
432hz And The Body
Each human cell is like an instrument in a greater symphony than any orchestra.  Each system is like the different sections of the orchestra, with the strings, both low and high, the percussion, and the winds.  Each and every cell is receptive to the instructions that come from the heart.  When the natural tuning of 432 is removed, chaos begins to reign.
The cells do not know which instructions to follow.  The worst of all is the DNA, for it has a specific frequency in which to perform its hefty task of duplication.
Each human being's DNA molecules duplicate themselves at a frequency of 8Hz. Those "DNA helix's" are musical instruments that are constantly receiving mhz of electricity and the audial currents, which require sound.
If that sound is dis-harmonic, a DNA starts to resonate to external dis-harmonics. Should the external resonating tune sources in a person of older age or infirmity of some type, that has their DNA viruses resonating to the outside become harmonic (such as a 432 hz based music, with all of the over- and undertones of 432) -- then the DNA viruses will remember their coherent PHI-like spiral shape and with all possibility take on the original form of regeneration. Since 8 Hz in DNA replication has been described by Scientific American (March 1965, p 28) to be behaving as a room temperature superconductor, the use of sound may enable such genetic alchemy. And 8 cycles per second is the alpha brain wave frequency by which the two brain hemispheres are entrained, in moments of maximum creativity and inspiration.
The microcosm of disharmony is manifested in a cacophony of difficulties manifested in the human body in the forms of discomfort, dis-ease, dissatisfaction, and unruly behavior, in some abhorrent form or fashion.  Is it any wonder that to incite a mob to riot, the most simple thing to do is to cause a small insurrection in the system that sets the entire body on its side?  That is exactly what 440 Hz has done to the human body, and as a result it effects bodies of humans the same way.
The answer is quite clear:  Return to the harmonics of light which orders all matter—Return to 432 Hz.

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