Tutorial for Return to 432 Software the 3.0 version on MAC

In Spanish Here: (this is the older version. If you have the newest you dont need to worry about the selecting the bitrate)
This page will show you how the program works and some things to have in place. You cannot download the program here, you need to go to and download it from there.

When your music is converted the song is tagged with "-R432" So if I converted the song called "Sway"  after it is converted it will show in i tunes as "Sway-R432".  You will then have 2 versions, one that is 432Hz and the original.You can choose to delete the other or just make playlists in 432Hz

Here are some things to have in place before you start:

1. Adobe Air
the program should ask you if you need to download Adobe Air. If you have it click no, if you don't, its free and you need it to open the program. Here is a link as well:

2. Songs in MP3
When you go in the program to select your music, if it is greyed out this is because it is not an MP3 version of the song.
Your solution: Go into your i tunes and right click the song that is greyed out. You will get a screen with options. Simply click on "Create MP3 version". It will take 10 seconds and then you will have 2 versions. When you open back up the program and find the song- one will be black and the other one grey. You can then select the one that is black and convert it.

You can convert to MP3 in batches in I tunes! Select the song you want to start with then hit shift and what song you want it to end on. I tunes will then create all these songs in Mp3 format.

IF you try and create the MP3 version in i tunes and it pops up with:
"song could not be converted because protected files cannot be converted to other formats"

These are AAC protected files. Songs purchased on the iTunes store are downloaded in AAC format. Some of us have all our music in AAC. In fact anyone that has iTunes Match has everything in AAC format as MP3's get converted to AAC on the upload to iTunes match.So for these you have a couple of options

For AAC protected Files:

A. You can put these songs in a separate play list and burn them onto a CD. Then Re-import them into your i tunes and they will then be in MP3 format.
Side Note: The burn and re-rip will strip the DRM off. Apple went DRM free in Jan 2009 if I remember right. So only AAC songs that were purchased prior to Jan 2009 would need to be burned to CD and re-ripped to get the DRM off.

B.  If you right mouse clicks and you do not see "Convert to MP3" in the menu but rather you see "Convert to AAC or another format" you need to do the following:

From the iTunes menu click on iTunes, next select Preferences and then select General in the Preferences dialog if it is not already selected. From there in the General tab of Preferences they need to go about 3/4 of the way down the dialog and select Import Settings.

In the Import Settings you need to select MP3 encoder as the default in the drop down list as you see above as the default. Once this done close by electing OK and then close Preferences by selecting OK and from that point forward when you select an song or songs and right mouse click you will have the "Convert to MP3" option in the menu. 
You can then to the batch conversion stated above.

Okay so this has been a big deal for some people, because this adds another step in there process of converting their music into 432Hz. Since the R432 software works with MP3 format only (we are working on an update to accept other files) although I dont think AAC files will ever be an option because these songs are protected so that you can only play them in I tunes or apple devices.

So here is some important information: When you import a new CD into your player, make sure that they are going in as MP3! simply select this option before you hit convert.
Now for songs that are already in your I tunes: if when you are right clicking your songs and an option for "create MP3 version" is NOT coming up, here is what you do:

For MAC (which seem to work better with I tunes in this)
In the Left hand corner click:
I tunes
make sure you are under General- you most likely will already be
Import settings
Where it says import using: select the drop down and select Mp3 Encoder hit ok and save.
Then you should be able to go to your AAC files and right click then have the option to "create Mp3 version"
You can Select and highlight more than 1 and do many at a time. It takes 3 sec each song to create Mp3 versions. Then these songs will come up in the R432 software

For a PC:
Select Edit (if you can see Edit or file options hit the ALT button)
Then preferences at the bottom
Go under General- most likely will already be here
Import settings
import using: select MP3 encoder
Click ok to save

Back in your library: right click a song and the "create Mp3 version" should come up.

convert them and then they will show up in the R432 software if it says it still cant convert them- you can either burn them into a CD and then re import them with Mp3 box checked!
Use this site:

Directions from Apple:

3. Organize
Create a folder on your computer for all your 432Hz music before you start. Save it anywhere you want. Your desktop is the easiest place.

You can then change your music in the program. Then go to your 432Hz folder that you created on your computer and double click on the song and it will play in your i tunes (if it selected to be your default player) and you can put them into a 432 playlist!
Or just drag the folder into i tunes and they will be there from now on. 

For more troubleshooting go to the FAQ on our website at the bottom here:


  1. The website is no longer working... have you stopped providing the Returnto432 software?

  2. Yes we are, I have checked the website and its working!

  3. I am trying to convert songs that are about 20-30 mins... Is that too long of a song/file to convert?

  4. Yes the 20-30 is too long, right now it does 10 min ones fine. We are doing an update that should be out soon and will do the longer songs!

  5. Where is the link for the software update? Nobody received their update yet.

    1. Yes! There is an update, if you haven't gotten a new link yet, e mail me at and I will send you a new link

    2. I do not see any link at all. Where ist the software to download?

    3. The software to download is at The first paragraph on this page has a link (in red

  6. Hello

    I have bought your product and have an issue. When I select mp3's, then select output folder, then hit start, it processes but does not put them in the folder nor converts them to 432.

    I have a recently new Macbook and the software is updated and I request your help or refund if there is nothing you can do.

    God Bless You and Merry Christmas

    1. Please email us at: and we can help you!

  7. I have songs much longer than 10 minutes (2 hours or more) does this mean that when i buy your software it is not possible to convert them to 432 hz

    1. We have one version for shorter songs and one for longer songs. Our software could do your 2 hour long songs, depending on the space you have on your hard drive.