Friday, March 4, 2016

Trial Phase Complete, Version 3 UPDATES

Happy to say today that the website is updated and more importantly the Return to 432 software for Version 3 is complete! Thank you for all of your patience and support through the trial phase. It was a very long and tedious project, but coding always will be.

If you had the old version an e-mail with a new link as been sent to you so you can upgrade for FREE!

Some e mails came back so if you changed your email and do not see an e-mail you can ask for one by e mailing:
**please include in the original e mail you had when you purchased

If you have not heard of the updates in this version 3, they are:
Assuming the songs coming into the software are at 440HZ

File types: mp3, wav, aiff, aif, flac, m4a, aac, ogg, wma
Queue batches: 100 or more, depending on the space you have on your computer
Keeps tags and titles and metadata
Longer songs! (the 2.0 does up to 10 min) we suggest that if you have an hour long song, you do those by themselves.
Better conversion quality
No longer have to choose the Bit rate. The songs are processed the same as they came in, up to 320

Happy Listening!

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