Saturday, July 19, 2014

The Power of Charity

Why in every Disney movie is it all about "True Love"? What is the difference between Love and True Love? It is funny how they have it mostly right, it is all about Love. Love fixes everything, brings everyone back together, the movies have it down, why don't we?
I guess there are lots of levels of Love, I can tolerate someone, Like them, Love them and then have Charity for them. Is there one above that?

Love is an energy of its own, one that is tangible, has a life and color of its own. Very connected to Creation, in which when you create something, lets say a child, what is the emotion that accompanies that new creation? Love of course, and out of that new Love comes more Creations, and so the cycle continues on and on. The force and power of the universe that all things are done by and created is this power of Love. Thus all things created, have Love in them, a power that generates this earth and everything on it. It is a powerful and real thing, it is the force that fixes everything in all these Disney movies we all watch.

Why do they say Charity is the only thing that never fails? My faith my fail at some points, my hope or certainly determination, all these are gifts that are given to us and that we can seek for. But Charity is at the top, why? Charity will never fail us. I would say that Love still has some selfishness attached to it, what is in it for us, if I do this I am expecting this back.... we try and generate Love out from ourselves, but Charity is a gift that is given to us, something felt for others with out any attachment, nothing selfish, and once you have felt its purity and power it never will fail you, it is always there because it comes from God, not yourself, to give out to the world and bless those around you.

Working on each of our hearts to open them and heal the blockages from the energy of our hearts will heal ourselves and those around us. We have shut down this chakra heart energy center that connects us to those around us and the crown chakra that connects us to God, by what we allow in our lives. Science has categorically proven that the heart is a thinking organism, with more of a greater capacity of thinking than the human mind. The electromagnetic energy or the energy field of the heart extends out about 7 or 8 foot. The electromagnetic energy that extends out of the brain is about 6 or 7 inches. 

The 432 is this creative frequency and 528 being the love frequency, it opens up these energy centers of the heart and the crown. Bringing back the connection of what we have lost, the connection to each other and to God. Imagine if this could be healed in individuals, every person focusing on himself, gaining Charity, how that would change the world by itself. 

Back it all its glory and the way it was intended to be. Connecting back to each other, the earth, and to our God. Set your heart free! Thank God for His gift of Charity and wanting to give it to all of us to share with mankind.

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