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We are currently trying to put together concerts where we have all the instruments re-tuned and can have the live experience of a 432Hz concert! If you feel you can help with this let us know.

If you are interested in attending or wanting to hold a class near you, go to our contact page and send us your information. We will contact you and set something up!


We put together Praise and Dance nights that we dance with the 432Hz music. We have put dances to songs that have been changed to the 432Hz.

There are 7 different types of dance in the scriptures.

(1) Worship (Judges 11:34 and Luke 15:25; (2) Praise (Psalms 149:1-3 and 150:4 (13 praises), (3) Spiritual Warfare (Isaiah 30:32 and Psalms 149:1-9; (4) Travail (Jeremiah 31:13, Lamentations 5:15 and Isaiah 66:8-11; (5) Prophecy (1 Samuel 10:5-6 and 7; (6) Ceremony (Judges 29:19-23); and (7) Celebration (Deuteronomy 16:13-15 and Jeremiah 31:4
Singing and Praising though music is a type of prayer to God. It is an integral part of heaven.
Here are some of the dances we have put together below, with the title of the song, but of course nothing is set, move with the music!

Adiemus(Karl Jenkins)- Celebration

Alpha and Omega(Gaither Vocal Band)- Praise

Courageous (MEN)(Simon Daum)- Spiritual Warfare 

Courageous (Woman)- Spiritual Warfare

Come Thou Fount (Jericho Road)-Worship

Daughter of a King(Jenny Phillips)- Prophecy

Day of the Lord(Paul Wilbur)- Celebration

Here With Us- Worship

I Will Always Return(Bryan Adams)

If you Could Hie to Kolob(Dan Bryant)- Spiritual Warfare

My Confession(Josh Groban)- Repentance/Travail

Praise To the Lord, The Almighty(Passion)- Worship

Redeemer(Paul Cardall)- Worship

Refiners Fire(Edens Bridge)

Sacrament(Laura Story)- Worship

Sad Romance(Ji PyeongKyeon (지평권)- Travail

Summer Nights(Irish Celtic Music)- Celebration

The Lord God of Abraham(Paul Wilbur)- Praise

The Lords Prayer(Mormon Tabernacle Choir, Andrea Bocelli) - Ceremonial 

To the Water(Marie Brennan)- Prophecy

Definitions of Dance Positions

Recipe for Natural Yeast Buttermilk Recipe

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