Awake and Arise

On this page is more information for your enjoyment and progression! These papers are shared with you from many friends, I thank them for sharing their knowledge with me and the world, for the benefit of mankind.

Knowledge is something we never are done with, in this life and the next, there is so much we can continue to learn no matter what age we are. You can teach an old dog new tricks! We should be constantly improving ourselves and seeing the things we need to change for the better, for our progression :)

CLICK Here for the paper on Matriarchal Priesthood and the Divine Feminine

Click Here for a paper put together on 432, what the numbers mean and how it all comes down to Creation! It is the frequency for Creation and Consecration.

Click Here for a doc on Princess Warriors. About Women and their strength, and the power that women have in their Divine Nature.

Click Here for a paper in the Star of Bethlehem, this is about the importance of the star of Bethlehem and what it all meant. 

Click Here for a paper on the Winter Solstice 2012, this talks about the Pleiades, Orion and how they are connected

Click Here for a Doc on Winter Solstice 2011, learn about this important day when light starts to conquer darkness.

Click Here for a paper on Gates. This is about Jesus Christ being our gate to the cosmos, and Temple gates.

Click Here for a paper that explains Bells, their importance and what it means when they ring!

Click Here for a paper that is all about when Jesus was born, and the symbology. The day and time you were born is not a coincidence- It means something!

Click Here for information on the Spring Equinox and the Holy Days. God Uses His Holy days to fulfill all prophecy

Click Here for a doc on the Bridegroom, what the name means and why it is connected to Christ, and the importance of being faithful to the Beloved Bridegroom.

Click Here for a paper on the Cosmic Ring Dance of the Angels. Dancing is everywhere in heaven!

Click Here for a document on The Song of the Universe, all the planets have a song!

Click Here for a sweet paper on The Request

Click Here for a paper on Mighty Prayer, have a conversation with God in prayer

Click Here for a paper on putting your Trust in God, and not relying on the arm of flesh

Click Here for a paper on the Mighty Warrior

Click Here for a paper on The Clarion Call, with beautiful pictures about the testimony of Father, Mother and The Son.

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